6 Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to Your Boutique

6 Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to Your Boutique

6 Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to Your Boutique header

If you have a fashion boutique, the success of your business is based not only on the number of clothes and accessories you sell, but also on how you will attract the attention of your potential buyers and your already loyal followers. 

To attract customers to your boutique, you must spread the word about what you have to offer. Advertise across multiple channels to reach as many leads as possible and be as creative as you can to stand out from your competitors.

Fashion shows

Sponsor a fashion show to promote your boutique. You could do it in your boutique if it’s big enough, or rent somewhere else, like a hotel’s event room, if you need more space. 

Get some local media to promote it and hire several micro-influencers to attend wearing your clothes.

This will show women in your area what kind of clothes you sell in your boutique, prompting them to buy some of the best outfits they saw on the catwalk.

You could also sponsor a beauty pageant today there are many and all the content you do will be replicated on your social networks.

If you sell the tickets you can collaborate with some non-profit societies so the cost of the tickets is donated, it will be a way for there to be more assistance and support for a good cause.

You can also invite the social reporter from your local newspaper.

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Private launch sessions

One of the best things you can do is organize private launch or presentation sessions. If you already have loyal customers, before launching the new line or season, invite them to a private session in which you show them what they will find in the boutique. You don’t need to do a fashion show.

Clear the boutique a little, close it to the public for a couple of hours and invite 10 or 20 regular customers. 

Also, you can offer a cocktail or refreshing drinks and don’t forget to show the clothes. The aim is to explain why this collection has been chosen, the colors that will be worn and comment on the details and style.

That way you will earn their trust even more. They will discuss it with their friends and you will surely attract new customers. You can even put some discount promotions on your next purchase if they bring their best friend.

You can tell a reporter from your local newspaper to review the event, newspapers are always looking for content.

Social Networks

If you want to attract customers for your clothing boutique you must use social media. 

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for clothes. They allow you to hang many photos and videos with what you have in the new collection. 

You have to focus on what sets you apart from your competition. As far as possible try selling without selling on social media.  

The goal is to give visibility to the brand and the product, only visibility.

You can try doing live presentations and other sales for your customers in private groups. 

And although it was said a long time ago that the blue button on Facebook fanpages did not work, today artificial intelligence is better than ever, so just investing $2 dlls a day in a post that has better results will attract potential customers in your area. However, if you do not have an online store, advertise locally.

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Advertisements in the newspapers

It could be said that this traditional medium is in disuse, but today you can find economic forms and be able to advertise in the social section of your local newspaper.

Include important information such as the address of the store, the daily schedule, the phone number, the url of your website and your networks. You can put a coupon in the ad to attract customers and present it on their first visit. This will give them an additional incentive to visit your store, either in person or online.


Make flyers to advertise your store. The easiest thing is to just distribute them, but locate in your area a beautiful park, also look out for the time you could catch more attention, ideally, you would make an event with models (they can be daughters of acquaintances and make an exchange in kind), you can collaborate with a local stylist and do a “flash mob” and distribute the flyers.

Capture customers’ attention by printing them on brightly colored paper and using a logo image from your store. Include the important information. 

Distribute flyers in front of your boutique, ask permission to drop them off at neighboring businesses and post them on school and university bulletin boards.

Magazines by sector

This type of advertising works because you’d be reaching customers with your boutique’s zip code. 

You can make a nice ad, usually these magazines are half page but postcard sizes are also allowed. Include general information with a very nice photo. 

You can also make the ad serve as a coupon. Allow customers to redeem it for a percentage discount on their first purchase or receive a gift when they enter the store.

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