Why do people wear shorts, and why buy them at Vlone?

Summer is approaching and the heat wave can already be felt in some parts of the world. If you are not very fond of that climate, here are different ways to wear shorts to be cool and comfortable in the activities of the day.

It is true that short is a much forgotten piece because sometimes it is considered informal or even a fairly youthful garment. However, there are many proposals to put together modern, elegant and modest outfits that you cannot miss.

Take a look at these ideas so you can use those shorts that you have at home without using them. Remember that the final result also depends on the other elements that you add to the look. That is, if you have an outing with friends, you can wear this garment with Vlone shorts, shoes and a loose blouse. Now, if you have an event you can turn it around by incorporating heels and a more attractive blouse.

Different Ways to Wear Shorts and Knock out the Heat

It is very easy to create looks where you base yourself on wearing shorts. The first tip is to avoid thinking that all those that exist are jeans. There is a huge variety of models, sizes and fabrics that can help you to be beautiful and presentable in your day to day.

Another point that you can consider before buying is the height or the shortness of the garment. High-cut designs help shape the figure and are perfect for hiding the tummy. On the other hand, those that are very short are not suitable for going to work, for example, or for those looking for a more sophisticated look. It is best to opt for mid-calf shorts.

Pair them with a Jacket

The sets are beautiful and depending on the fabric they have they look very elegant. If you want, you can go for the ones that are unicolor, striped, plaid or the pattern that you like the most. Of course, many fashion bloggers use it with a crop top but you can combine the look with a full shirt and you will still look beautiful.

Blazer and Boots

This is one of the top combinations of the moment and although you can also use it with dresses or skirts, this time we propose it with shorts. The final outfit is very attractive and although the blazer gives it a semi-formal touch, it does not detract from the modern. Try it at home and you are sure to love this outfit!

Find a Loose Piece

One of the main problems when wearing shorts is that many do not like the way their legs look. The solution for this is to bet on those that is baggy and if they are also high-waisted, much better. With this garment you will be comfortable and your legs will have more movement.

Don’t Miss the Jeans!

If you’re on the team that loves to wear blue jean shorts, here’s a great idea to wear it with a stylish Vlone friends sweater. It is a perfect model to be comfortable and flirtatious. The good thing about this fabric is that it combines with everything and that makes the garment a super versatile element when it comes to combining.

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To go to the Beach

Enjoying a day at the beach or pool is fabulous. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to wear shorts. Try to select one that is made with comfortable, cool and fun fabric. If you want the experience to be more pleasant, look for ones that have a garter at the top, so that it does not fit too much and that it is loose on the legs. So you can walk at ease while having an incredible day.