5 Gift Ideas for Rakshabandhan To Celebrate! — Saaj

5 Gift Ideas for Rakshabandhan To Celebrate! — Saaj

It’s that time of the year. Raksha Bandhan is here to commemorate every single emotion which strengthens the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters. Believe it or not Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited  celebration by sisters around the world. It’s just lovely to see a brother hand picking the best gift he thinks for his sister and making her all happy. Only a few days are left  for Raksha Bandhan! Are you ready with your gifts to make your sibling feel special? Have you  added her favourite items to your cart? Or are you still confused and wondering what you should get for them? 

Take a chill pill. This year you don’t have to look through a million items and still be confused because we made a perfect list of ideas that  you can look at and decide your gift accordingly. With this article we have curated down the best ideas that almost every sister will adore and definitely help you to celebrate the relentless love between you and your sibling.

Greeting Card with Flowers


Nothing is better than a good old bouquet of beautiful flowers and a handwritten card to express your love for them. This is the most cliche but the most lovely gift you can give to your sister and be appreciated by her. Buy a bunch of her favourite flowers, make a bouquet and attach a heartfelt personal note telling her that you love her and will protect her from all bads. When the beauty of the flowers accompanies your letter, magic happens!

Tech Gifts


Is your sibling too much into tech and follows all the latest technology trends or likes to be updated? Well, then the options for you are just endless. From Bluetooth speaker to a cute little phone case for her phone, you have got a lot to choose from. Talk them into telling you what they need and decide what is best for them. You can get all of these products online, saving you the pain to actually head out to a store and picking them up especially in such tough times. A phone case, laptop sleeve, a pair of wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras etc are some good options to go for.



What do women love more than themselves? Their jewellery!

This is where we excel. If your sibling is a fashionista and loves to dress up even on a regular day then jewellery is the best way to treat her. Get to know her style and the way she dresses up and choose the best gift for her. You can go for gold jewellery or you can opt for a more pocket friendly fashion jewellery. Saaj has got a variety of beautiful fashion jewellery and we are sure that we will match their swag for sure. From thin elegant necklace to bold and showy bracelets, we have got it all. Check out our website for some chic and trendy jewellery www.saaj.design



Do you even know anyone who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolates are hands down the best gift anyone can give to someone. You can buy different chocolates that your sibling loves and make her a gift basket full of chocolates. If you have got time and will, you can also make her some homemade chocolate and add her favorite flavour to it too. Just put on your aprons and look up the recipe online. Come on, it’s not that difficult really. Imagine the joy on their face when they realise you worked so hard to pack this small bundle of joy for them.


Gifting your sibling a dress is another great option. Clothes are something to be used daily. From a variety to choose from you’ll have to think what kind of dress you want to gift them. Something they can wear on the daily or something for those special night out parties. Head over to some websites and start adding the best ones to your bag. If they are choose-ey by nature it’s better you ask them before you buy it for them. 


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