Day: January 2, 2022

Pearls, fringe and lots of fun

New year, new look?

As we enter 2022, many popular fashion styles are coming along for the ride.

From pearl-embellished tops that can add the perfect pop to any ensemble, to modernized check print patterns, there are several standout trends to keep on your radar.

Style expert Melissa Garcia walked “GMA” through her fashion forecast for the new year.

Just ahead, scroll and shop the best trends for you in 2022.

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Perfect pearl embellishments

Pearls are popping up everywhere from accessories to clothing. Elevate your wardrobe with this ethereal add-on, and you are sure to turn a few heads.

Shrink the suit

Skirt suits are making a comeback in cropped lengths, vibrant colors and exciting textures

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How Men’s Fashion Changed for the Better This Year

It’s a letdown that I’ve faced far too many times: You walk into a department store, past the fabulous and fun women’s clothes, only to find the men’s section is in a dingy basement and filled with sad, drab pieces. Unfortunately, the men’s market has historically been a snoozefest. While men in Hollywood have stuck to their classic tuxedos and suits on the red carpet, retailers have also clung to what sells (which is said classic suits, or simple pieces in quiet, neutral colors). I’ve often had to shop in the women’s section to find anything remotely adventurous and bold.

Save for the runways, where high-fashion labels like Versace and Gucci have long offered up innovative menswear designs, it’s truly been a bore to take in the men’s market as an obsessive fashion fan. Like the runways, I want my stores and stars to inspire me with a fantasy! Luckily,

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Katy Perry drinks beverage poured from her beer can bra during Las Vegas residency

Katy Perry drinks beer out of beer can bra during Las Vegas residency  (TikTok @katyperryflowers / Instagram @mind.perry)

Katy Perry drinks beer out of beer can bra during Las Vegas residency (TikTok @katyperryflowers / Instagram @mind.perry)

Katy Perry has shown off her unique fashion sense during the debut performance of her Las Vegas residency, where she performed in a beer can bra that dispensed beer.

On Wednesday, the pop star performed the first show of her residency at the Resorts World Theatre, where she appeared on stage in multiple extravagant outfits.

However, despite performing alongside a number of over-the-top stage props, including a giant surgical face mask and an oversized orange toilet, it was Perry’s silver dress that has garnered the most attention – as it also included a refreshment for the singer.

The dress, which was made up of hundreds of metal can tabs, featured multiple crumpled beer cans, while the bra consisted of two smashed aluminum cans.

The metal accessories weren’t just for show,

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The 18 Best Subscription Boxes for Women in 2022

There are so many subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to know where to start. We’re talking subscription boxes for makeup, alcohol, books, dog toys—you name it, there’s a subscription box for it. Initially beauty-centric, subscription boxes have evolved over the past few years, and now there are niche boxes and services offering weekly, monthly, and quarterly packages for anyone and everyone.

A great gift for yourself or someone else, subscription boxes give you a chance to try out new products and brands that have already been tested and loved, so you know they’re the best. Marie Claire loves a good subscription box, so consider this a gift from us: our round-up of the best subscription boxes for women. Every one is worth more than the subscription cost, and boasts products you’ll want to restock over and over again.


The Supreme of subscription boxes, Fabfitfun is more than

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