Year: 2021

Diane von Furstenberg shares her secrets to living life fearlessly

Diane von Furstenberg doesn’t experience fear.

To explain this, the legendary fashion designer tells the story of when she was a little girl and afraid of the dark. Her mother, a Holocaust survivor from Belgium, locked her in a closet in effort to cure her fear.

Von Furstenberg does not recommend this method. However, she gleaned valuable insights from her mother’s unorthodox ways.

“After five minutes, you realize that the dark doesn’t stay dark. And even if it does, there’s no reason to be afraid of the dark,” said von Furstenberg, 74, during a conversation with Know Your Value’s Mika Brzezinski at the Michigan Fashion Media Summit on Wednesday. “[My mother] would probably be arrested today. I wasn’t allowed to complain, or blame. But what I was allowed to do was to take responsibility for myself. And that is the biggest gift I could have ever wished.”

Von Furstenberg says

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Is sex the best way to sell suits when we’re still social distancing?

Refinery 29 UK

In Pictures: 6 Months With Sheffield’s Sex Workers

Twenty-two-year-old Barnsley-born photographer Lily Miles became interested in the subject of sex work after watching a documentary on Channel 4 called A Very British Brothel. Taking viewers inside City Sauna in Sheffield, close to where Miles grew up, the documentary was raucous, all about hamming up the ‘sexual antics’ that take place there during working hours. What interested Miles, though, was creating an altogether quieter, more reflective engagement. “Watching that, I realised sex work is another subject that seems to be hidden in our culture and this made me curious and want to find out more. In particular, City Sauna fascinated me because it is run by women and, perhaps even more interestingly, it is run by a mother and daughter,” she explains. “There are a lot of family-run businesses but people maybe wouldn’t expect that would apply to

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Fish Fiorucci Wants to Shake Up Texas’s Modeling Scene

Growing up in Texas, Fiorucci often struggled with their identity and longed to express themself through fashion. “In South Texas, it’s extremely hard to find individuality,” says Fiorucci. “Homophobia is so big down there, and I grew up in a very homophobic family. I wasn’t able to show them how I wanted to dress. I was always having to hide my heels, skirts, and dresses.” Their modeling work revolves around taking on jobs that allow them to share their authentic self with others while also challenging beauty norms. 

As Fiorucci’s star climbs, they’re using their growing platform to help out other models on the scene as well. Last September, Fiorucci launched their own casting and management agency, f10, which represents models in Texas who are mostly queer or POC. They wanted to create an environment where individuality in modeling would be encouraged back in their home state—something that wasn’t

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Unilever will eliminate ‘normal’ from beauty products

And Unilever pledged to increase advertising featuring underrepresented models. The company said it would not digitally alter a person’s body shape or skin color in its advertising, according to a Tuesday news release.

“Normal” could typically be found on products like shampoo, such as “for normal to oily hair,” or lotion “for normal skin.” The shift comes after several of the company’s advertising campaigns sparked a backlash. In 2017, an ad for Dove body wash showed a Black woman removing her shirt to reveal a White woman in the next frame — which seemed to emanate a racist trope from historical soap ads. The ad was pulled, and Dove issued an apology.

“We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging will not fix the problem alone, but it is an important step forward,” said Sunny Jain, Unilever’s president of beauty and personal care. “We are committed to

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