Day: April 2, 2021

Carroll’s Men’s Shop dressing the public since 1947

  • Carroll’s Men’s Shop opened in 1947 and was bought by Steve and Nancy Murray in 1984. Steve started working there in 1967.
  • Spring is a busy time with tuxedo rentals for weddings and proms. They also do varsity jackets.
  • Murray is encouraged by the revitalization he’s seen of Main Street over the past few years, including remodeling to the building he’s in.
  • Over the years, Murray has seen the focus of the store and fashion change from formal wear to causal clothes.

COSHOCTON – Steve Murray of Carroll’s Men’s Shop can easily size up a customer when they walk in the door. After 54 years in the men’s clothing business a tape measure just confirms what he already knows. 

The store at 541 Main St. dates back to 1947 and a little further down the road. Murray has a picture in the back showing where the shop used to be

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These 20 Shapewear Bodysuits Have Over 3,400 Trusted Reviews

While I’m a huge proponent of online shopping, the reality is that certain items aren’t easy to buy online. Items like denim and bras where fit is the most important aspect (and varies drastically across different brands and styles) are especially hard to order online when you’re just guessing a size and hoping for the best.

It’s items like these that I look to the reviews for guidance. Not only do reviewers often give lengthy descriptions of the product, but they provide personal context about themselves and how that particular item worked for them given their body type, height, etc. I find this infinitely more helpful than the basic product description because I can search for people who describe themselves as having a similar build to my own and use that to guide my purchasing decisions. Plus reviewers are brutally honest about whether the product is worth your time and

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Ulla Johnson created a new supply chain from scratch

At Ulla Johnson’s recent fashion show, models walked through the empty halls of Lincoln Center in the designer’s signature intricately patterned, ruffled gowns, as ethereal chamber music played. Johnson’s designs are inspired by her travels, but what most people don’t realize is that the garments themselves are made by women she has met in small villages all over the world.

[Photo: courtesy Ulla Johnson]

Johnson launched her label in 1998 and quickly made a name for herself for her feminine, bohemian aesthetic. A-listers love the brand, with everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Lawrence to Greta Gerwig counting themselves as fans. Like many other New York designers, Johnson began by making her collections in the city’s Garment District, but eight years ago, she made the radical decision to transform her entire supply chain. She now travels the globe to find communities of highly skilled craftswomen off the beaten track

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